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The “crate” depression

What happens when players exploit a bug in a video game economy to acquire valuable items and mass sell them to others? How did the game’s developers react and what can we learn from this? Les explores the “Crate” Depression 2019 which affected the Team Fortress 2 economy.

Unseen Women

Covid-19 has ushered in a period of change. Despite its many catastrophes, the pandemic has also provided an opportunity for us to reshape our societal norms. In order to promote positive change, the woes of our society should be distilled to its bare essence. One problem in particular stood out to us: that women are often unseen, unheard and underrepresented. To tackle this, ESSA and WCP writing teams have come together to explore the misrepresentation of women from multiple angles, including economics, research, professional settings and everyday interactions.

Caffeine, Consciousness, and Capitalism

Every day, 90% of the world’s population enjoys a caffeinated beverage. In this interdisciplinary piece, Josh draws on insights from history, cognitive science, and sometimes economics, as he sets out to answer the following question: has the rise of caffeine been a positive development for our species?