Road to Ruin: The Economic Case for choosing NOT to host the Olympic Games

By · September 2nd, 2016

“Faster, Higher, Stronger”? Edmund Kemsley explains why hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic Games will not make the local and national economic prospects stronger in Brazil.

Quantifiably Cool? Melbourne most liveable city 6 years running

By · August 24th, 2016

And the most liveable city in the world is… Eloise Hesse explores how Melbourne has once again topped the list of liveable cities and why the measure may not be all it seems.

The Endorsement Game

By · August 10th, 2016

In a politically polarised America where the major party nominees are widely resented, who have the influential chosen to back? Eddie Go dissects the strategies and rationale behind endorsing (or even shunning) a presidential contender.

Household income equality: changing families or changing pay-cheques?

By · July 29th, 2016

Statistics show that income inequality in the US is rising. However, Taylor Nugent explores how this problem is much less the fault of the labour market than people realise.

Brexit: Divided Kingdom

By · June 24th, 2016

Not sure what to make of today’s Brexit? ESSA has you covered.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: where economics and power politics collide

By · May 8th, 2016

The Trans-Pacific Partnership has been praised as a breakthrough in international free trade efforts. It has also been heavily criticised, seen as merely a smokescreen for increasing American influence in the Asia-Pacific region and the reach of its corporations. However, it is also a fascinating example of how political and economic rivalries can overlap.

The Swedish Brains Behind the Welfare State

By · May 4th, 2016

Few places in the world have managed to maintain strong economies with high tax rates and welfare spending. Eddie Go delves into the Swedish origins of the unique Scandinavian model.

A pragmatic approach to free speech

By · April 25th, 2016

What exactly constitutes “free speech” is a highly controversial issue. Should ultimate freedom of expression be allowed regardless of the offence it might cause, or should we take a more tempered approach? Chris Kounelis makes the case for the latter.

The economics of quinoa: superfoods’ dark side

By · April 21st, 2016

Quinoa is one of a wave of trendy “superfoods” to have become popular in recent years. However, does our insatiable demand for these crops have unintended consequences in their native lands? Aleisha Hall explores the side of quinoa you don’t see.

What you need to know about the Panama Papers

By · April 13th, 2016

The ripples of the publication of the Panama Papers, history’s biggest leak, are still being felt. Leon Obrenov explains what it’s all about, and why we should care.

Trump: can game theory explain the inexplicable?

By · April 11th, 2016

Donal Trump’s rise seems to defy explanation. James Stratton attempts to prove otherwise, armed with the game theorist’s toolbox.

The embargo has gotta go

By · April 4th, 2016

For decades, the Cuban economy has been constrained under strict communist rule. Eddie Go makes an economic case for re-establishing trade and other economic relations between the U.S. and Cuba in light of Obama’s historic visit to the island.

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