Eleni Babusku

Eleni is a first year Bachelor of Commerce student planning to major in Economics and maybe something else. She wants to finish her Masters in hopefully something economics and technology related, or maybe finish an Honours.

Eleni doesn’t know her exact future career path yet, but something in behavioural economics and policy related is hopefully on the horizon (heck, maybe even Treasurer!)

She joined ESSA because she was intrigued by the committee life and knew the best place to experience it would be doing the things she’s loved since high school. She’s always wanted to help people understand the beauty of economics and being in ESSA facilitates that so well. Eleni is also looking for uni life and future career advice from people who share her interests, and the exposure to so many opportunities already is something to enjoy. Eleni also enjoys some banter here and there, which ESSA also easily facilitates for. Eleni is in the Subcommittee this year and is aiming to make the most out of the try-outs of all the portfolios.

In her spare time Eleni likes to shop, stress about how incredibly difficult being a first year is, read (mostly sci-fi and fiction, but some classics too), and work at a candy shop bringing constant and never-ending joy to children 😊

She listens to French rap and Eurovision songs to improve her understanding of our diverse world culture, which come in handy when overseas – especially in France where her friends mock the (apparent) lag in knowing what’s hip and what’s not.

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