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Hungernomics: Economics on the Silver Screen

The recent DVD release of pop culture juggernaut The Hunger Games has whipped millions of fans into an excited frenzy. I decided to sit down and see what all the fuss is about. In short, it’s pretty awesome. What’s not to like about a bunch of teenagers competing in a televised gladiator-esque fight to the death set in a dystopian North America?

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A Game of Theories (Episode 1)

Psychologists refer to game theory as the theory of social situations. More specifically, it is the study of the strategic decisions, available to rational agents, producing outcomes with respect to the utility of those agents. Through analysis of different courses of action a ‘player’ can take, the outcomes which these actions lead to, and the actions which other ‘players’ might take, an optimal outcome – oftentimes a counter-intuitive one – can reveal itself. In the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’ (2001), starring Russell Crowe as Robert Nash, game theory is explored in one scene.

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