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China’s Biggest ‘Ghost Town’: A Microeconomic Perspective

Freshly built from government stimulus funding, the new district of Kangbashi in the city of Ordos in China is brimming full of sky high apartments and shiny new infrastructure.  Yet since its construction the town remains largely uninhabited and untouched.

It is known as ‘the ghost town,’ with only about 30,000 residents despite a housing capacity of one million.  Few residents have chosen to move from the thriving old city district in Dongfeng just 30km away.

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Chinese Steel Makers Diversifying to Pigs not so Silly After All

As the mining boom has played a pivotal role in Australia’s current economic situation, it is not surprising that the majority of business headlines are dominated by information and debates about the mining industry particularly iron ore. Not too long ago you may have come across headlines about a state owned Chinese steel maker called Wuhan Iron & Steel corp. diversifying to pig farming. Perhaps a bit amusing at first until you realize the seriousness of the decision and the plausible rationals.

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