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Should you read this?

Good choice! What caused you to click through though? Was it a conscious decision? Also, if you think it was an intentionally conceived action, how do you actually know?

While you may not have spent several minutes comprehensively analysing the costs and benefits of reading this article in order to make an entirely rational choice, there was, if only subliminally, some form of decision-making process behind your decision.

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‘Black hole’ in the system threatens good public policy, Moran Says: Deakin Policy Forum 2012

By Joan Wu, ESSA Events Director 2012

Terry Moran, former Labour secretaryDuring a speech at the Deakin Policy Forum this week, Terry Moran called for more accountability and transparency in our troubled system of government. Moran, former secretary to Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, was quick to emphasise that it is not the quality of civil service, which is exemplary, but rather the nature of parliamentary democracy in the current system that is to blame.

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