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Behavioural economics: why do we study at university?

My friends, the end of the semester is approaching, and there is a distinct lack of motivation in the air. That’s right, final exams are looming upon us, and understandably we are unenthusiastic about it. While I enjoy my studies, I dislike burning the midnight oil, drinking copious amounts of coffee just to stay up late at night to squeeze in that last little inch of knowledge into my brain. In times like these, I wonder why we slave away through the torture that is studying just to get good marks. My friends, why do we put up with this? Why do we choose to study at university?

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Increasing interest in higher education reform

In the recent Federal budget, the Australian government controversially proposed a change in the indexed rate of HELP debt, alongside fee deregulation and the lowering of government subsidies. This has signalled a seismic shift in government thinking and the structure of Australia’s tertiary education sector.

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