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Gonski 2.0: Turnbull’s Great Heist

The announcement of the Turnbull Government’s intention to commit to a massive increase in funding for Australian schools has upturned Australian politics. Andrew Wong explores the ramifications of ‘Gonski 2.0’.

Section 18C: does it go too far?

Australia is a democratic society, with liberal values at its bedrock. However, does legislation aimed at limiting hate speech go too far in restricting one’s right to free speech? Chris Kounelis makes the case for why Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act should be reformed.

Election 2016: a reflection

Kasun Yakupitiyage offers his thoughts on a chaotic and confusing election night. With the outcome still very much to be decided, Kasun sees worrying and uncertain times look ahead for Australia regardless of who forms government.

Election 2016: Unimelb Presidents’ Pitches

So, after 8 weeks of gaffes, selfies and high-vis vests, the moment of truth has finally arrived. Tomorrow, Australians cast their vote to decide our political future (at least for the next few months, before our traditional mid-term ministerial mutiny). Over the last 24 hours, ESSA has brought you comprehensive coverage on this election’s big …

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A voice of reason

Despite the ministerial portfolio of communications not outwardly seeming closely related to economics, in the next few years it is shaping up to possibly be the most economically orientated area outside the treasury portfolio. Key upcoming policy decisions pertaining to broadband infrastructure, as well as likely deregulation of the telecommunications and media industries, are at the forefront.

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