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Language and opportunity for immigrants in Australia

If your parents are immigrants, you’ve probably heard it from them before – the anecdotes of how difficult life was ‘when I first come to this country’. With war veteran-like passion, they recount their struggles as factory workers, new to the country, labouring day and night in multiple jobs so that you might, one day, enjoy a better life than they did.

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Japan’s economic woes and xenophobia

The general consensus amongst economists is that opening one’s doors to foreigners will stimulate a country’s economic growth. Governments can do so either by introducing foreign direct investment or easing their immigration laws. By opening up their economy to foreigners and global corporations, countries can increase their population size, standards of living and output per capita. Additionally, they can also benefit from the creation of jobs, as well as the exchange of technology and expertise.

However, while economic growth is seen as favourable, a rapid development can present adverse consequences and backfire on the government’s goals.

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