ESA Careers Event Recap

Following the success of the ESSA Launch Night, we held our first cornerstone career-based event with the full support of the Economics Society of Australia on Wednesday, the 14th of March. Thank you to all members, including those who  signed up on the night or at our previous events, and more broadly to everyone that attended the event! The ESSA team hopes that you have gained important knowledge about the numerous job opportunities available to an economics student.

’10 Things you didn’t know about Economists’ was a panel discussion aimed to provide students with guidance as to where an Economics major can take you in your career. The Economics Society of Australia (ESA) invited three panel speakers, one each from PWC, the  Victorian Treasury (Social Policy) and the ACCC, along with other representatives in attendance from Deloitte, the Productivity Commission and the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission.

The event started with ESA Committee Member Marissa asking the panel a number of questions relating to their experience as economists in industry. She then asked a number of questions specifically tailored to give students invaluable advice about their studies in economics, and how to build a successful career using the economics discipline as a platform.

Some of the main tips the panel gave to young economics students included:

– Keep up to date with local and international economic news

– Take as many quantitative subjects in your degree course to supplement your economics courses

– Broaden  your experience through internship programs in government or at independent think tanks

– Honors in Economics was emphasised as an important step in becoming a professional economist

After the Q&A session, we held a networking session that allowed students to speak directly to all the representatives.  The hallway was buzzing with questions and discussions between members and representatives.

The event was a great success, with attendees that almost filling the whole lecture room. Once again, we would like to thank you for your attendance and the support of the Economics Society of Australia, as well as ESSA.

Kind regards,

Christy Huo

Event Coordinator, ESA Careers Night