ESSA Trivia Night – with Economics Alumni

Thirteen tables battled it out for the inaugural first prize last Thursday at the Clyde Hotel. Karen, our president and MC for the night led us through two rounds of trivia, spanning from sports and current affairs to economics and pop culture.

The atmosphere was bubbly as lucky winners from the ESSA bonus rounds took home bottles of wine. A disproportionate number of these went to Collin Li’s Tutor Table: perhaps the sharp reflexes needed in deflecting troublesome questions during class are easily transferred to Trivia nights in general. (More research into this field is needed before we make any general inferences.) JB-HIFI vouchers, converse goodies and a beauty pack were also given away on the night.

The event itself ran extremely smoothly, thanks to Richa and her organising team. Alumni from firms including BCG, Dixon Advisory and the Grattan Institute joined our very own Prof. Jeff Borland and Prof. Neville Norman in the night’s activities. Delicious food rolled out continuously from the kitchen, washed down by complimentary drinks. However, it was all over when Table 6’s “French Triverieras”  and “Sam” won the night with a score just 2% ahead of “Austrian Perspective” on table 2. Congratulations!

What a great way to end ESSA’s first semester! Next semester, we will be bringing the discussion to you with an illustrious Q&A panel to shed light on current topics and much, much more!

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