1 thought on “Martin Wolf on Economics and Writing”

  1. It was great to be able to watch this online even though I couldn’t make the event. Thank-you!!!

    I found his self-reflection of the unique advantage of having been an economic journalist during a time where there was an information “bottleneck” as he describes it cf. now when the internet is “one great scream with everyone saying look at me”, and the differences building a career in this field then and now was particularly fascinating.

    Also his comment on the pros and cons of what the internet has brought to economic reportage: “Providing a crucial set of public goods through a competitive marketplace where information analysis is a public good is..sub optimal but I can’t really think of a better one. I have become much keener than I used to be on the tax funded monopolies..like BBC..the market can’t do that..I think the mixed economy model of information analysis provision is probably the optimum”

    I have never heard this issue expressed so eloquently!

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