Making the best of Direct Action – Part 3

By · February 19th, 2014

In the series end, Kim Liu offers suggestions to maximise and incentivise voluntary emission reductions as an alternative to the Direct Action Plan.

Still uncharted territory – post-crisis central banking

By · February 14th, 2014

With the Bernanke reign coming to an end last week, Marco Madzzar reflects on the performance of the Federal Reserve during the global financial crisis, and looks to the new economic landscape for the Federal Reserve under Yellen in the post-GFC era.

Ethanol: a political hat trick

By · February 8th, 2014

How and when, if ever, should the ethanol industry be subsidised? Ben Brooks from the Left Right Think-Tank talks about the cosy link between biofuel production and politics.

Government and the public purpose in Australia

By · February 5th, 2014

Joey Moloney explores the effect of Australia’s ever-increasing affluence on the political expectations of the general public.

A case for the privatisation of Australia Post

By · February 1st, 2014

Professor Stephen King questions the government’s investment in Australia Post in light of the NBN’s impact on the standard letter.

Making the best of Direct Action – Part 2

By · January 25th, 2014

Kim Liu puts forth an alternative way to auction off carbon abatement while maximising profits and corporate truth-telling.

Living Economics Part 1: Stimulus-response on the supply side

By · January 20th, 2014

UNSW researcher Gigi Foster brings to life the seminal ideas of Adam Smith, father of free market economics, in a series of blogs.

The welfare state debate: who gets what and who pays for it? Part 2

By · January 17th, 2014

In reminding us of what the welfare system is all about, Peter Whiteford lays bare the facts on long-term welfare dependency and finds surprisingly little truth to the ‘maker-or-taker’ attitudes toward social security.

The welfare state debate: who gets what and who pays for it? Part I

By · January 14th, 2014

Just how big of a problem is middle class welfare?
A rigorous examination of the impacts of government benefits and taxes on income by ANU professor Peter Whiteford.

Making the best of Direct Action – Part 1

By · January 9th, 2014

Kim Liu explains the Coalition’s carbon emissions policy, and why it’s so difficult to auction off pollution.

Applying economics in the so-called ‘real world’

By · January 5th, 2014

ESC Chairperson Dr Ron Ben-David presents three intriguing challenges for economic regulators in Victoria to get your analytical minds racing.

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