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Conversation with Ian Harper

Didn’t make it to our Conversation with Ian Harper event? Never fear, ESSA is here to give you a run-down of the best parts of the talk.

Procrastination, Productivity, and an Introduction to Saul Eslake


As a student, much of my surroundings comprise haunting visions of people buried under piles of books, papers, cans of V, and suffering from sleep deficits of budgetary proportions whilst attempting to highlight whole textbooks.

Indeed, popular attitudes to studying may or may not be reflected in Urban Dictionary, which defines studying as “texting, eating and watching TV with an open textbook nearby”. A more candid entry simply defines studying as “no homework”.

Studying has become a distracted undertaking and hardly productive. So it’s a little heartening to know that the rest of Australia is getting less productive too.

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Martin Wolf Event

One of the greatest and most influential economists of our time, Professor Martin Wolf, was invited to the University to discuss his experience about writing on economics. Proudly co-hosted by ESSA and CAINZ, the event was a success filled with constant interactive discussions between both the professor and the audience.

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ESSA Year in Review and Equilibrium Launch

On Thursday night, ESSA finished the year in style by celebrating all that ESSA has achieved in 2012 with ESSA Year in Review and the inaugural launch of our print publication Equilibrium.

The night began with out-going President Karen Lee looking back on ESSA’s journey from an idea in her first year to a thriving society at the end of her time at university. Karen looked back across ESSA’s achievements in its first year; Trivia with Economics Alumni, Q&A, our Website Re-launch and of course the inaugural edition of Equilibrium.

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ESSA Events – Mark Nicholson Recap

On a chilly Thursday evening, ESSA hosted our inaugural public lecture featuring guest speaker Mark Nicholson. The topic – Harvard, Hedge funds and the World Bank. The evening was fully booked out by over 200 people comprising of academics, interested members of the public and students from multiple universities including the University of Melbourne, Deakin and RMIT. While the location of the event was changed at the last minute, ushers from the Events team ensured that everyone made it to the evening without any delay.

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ESSA presents Mark Nicholson

Mark Nicholson is a University of Melbourne alumnus, having graduated with a Commerce/Law degree. He has since gone on to attain an MBA from Harvard University and was appointed as Chief Investment Officer at the World Bank for 7 years. Following this, Mark has directed and been on advisory boards of several investment companies and hedge funds, including Tudor Investment Corporation, Arnott Capital Pty Ltd and Melbourne-based Vianova Asset Management Pty Ltd.

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