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Winner Take All: A Review

In 1798, Thomas Malthus published his ‘Essay on the Principle of Population’, which is widely considered as the ground-breaking text that shaped the theory of population growth as being ultimately devastating for utility (and ultimately surviving). Then, there was the baby-boom, India tripling its population in fifty years, China doubling its. The post-WWII world didn’t live in the calculation of resources usage, and population control policies. Last year, the world population hit 7 billion people.

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A Fifty Year Old Fallacy

February marked the anniversary of the fifty years of the Cuban embargo enforced by the US. The promulgation of the Cuban Democracy Act in 1961 reflected the policy of containment that was to prevent the extension of the relationship between Cuba and the Soviet Union after the embarrassing Bay of Pigs invasion. Six months later, the world was at the height of Cold War tensions with the Cuban missile crisis.

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Look East: The Weight of Oil Sanctions on Iran’s budget

20%. That’s the proportion of Iran’s oil exports to the European Union.

Iran's flags

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 6 years, then you would probably not understand the extreme tension that surrounds Iran’s nuclear program. There is the media, different governments’ interests in play, different companies’, and various groups of influence acting. Behind that thick wall of smoke lies the effects the issue has on the Iranian economy.

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Hollande and Laffer

Source: François Hollande

The socialist hopeful to the French presidency, Francois Hollande, declared last week that once president, he would implement a 75% income tax to one million euro+ earners. What he thought would earn him some credit from the many anti-system in France quickly turned into a demagogic and unrealistic promise. Criticism poured, and Sarkozy’s proponents called up some economic common sense to the situation.

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