Kim Liu

Kim Liu

Kim Liu is a fourth-year Economics Honours student at the University of Melbourne.  His passion for economics began in highschool and he has thoroughly enjoyed studying economics over the years.  Kim is particularly interested in environmental economics, market design and public policy.

The relevance of economics throughout our day-to-day lives and exposing this to others is one of the reasons he joined ESSA, and as Publications Director, Kim is responsible for coordinating and leading the Publications team at Melbourne.  He was the Equilibrium Editor in 2013, and also writes the occasional article.

In his spare time, Kim enjoys watching the cricket and attempting to cook.

Follow Kim on Twitter @_kimliu

First auction, first success?

By · April 27th, 2015

Missed Australia’s first emission reductions auction? Unsure of what it means? Kim Liu looks at the price and quantity outcomes of our leading climate policy program.

Making the best of Direct Action – Part 3

By · February 19th, 2014

In the series end, Kim Liu offers suggestions to maximise and incentivise voluntary emission reductions as an alternative to the Direct Action Plan.

Making the best of Direct Action – Part 2

By · January 25th, 2014

Kim Liu puts forth an alternative way to auction off carbon abatement while maximising profits and corporate truth-telling.

Making the best of Direct Action – Part 1

By · January 9th, 2014

Kim Liu explains the Coalition’s carbon emissions policy, and why it’s so difficult to auction off pollution.

Intern Experience at the Department of Treasury and Finance

By · December 31st, 2013

Wondering what opportunities exist for budding economists to develop their skills? Kim Liu shares his recent experiences at the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Lessons of congestion from the Goldman Sachs

By · October 26th, 2013

Kim Liu investigates congestion on our roads, and what we can learn from Wall Street.

ESC Water Pricing Decision

By · April 23rd, 2013

The Essential Services Commission released their draft report on Melbourne’s water pricing situation; ESSA was there to bring you the latest from their investigation.

So what is economics?

By · February 27th, 2013

A piece inspired by my friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances who have yet discovered their appreciation for economics.

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