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Is competition regulation an oxymoron?

Australia needs a full-time, focussed competition watchdog that applies the law using state-of-the-art economics, understanding the ambiguities and subtleties of market interactions, writes Professor Stephen King.

Are your parents about to rip you off?

Today I want to talk about superannuation.

No! No! Don’t stop reading.

Seriously, this is important.

Yes, I know that many readers of this site are below thirty, so that an article on superannuation has about as much appeal as a discussing aged accommodation and colonoscopies.

But it is not your superannuation I want to talk about. It is your parents’.

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Why did our banks survive the GFC?

The 2008 global financial crisis (GFC) developed over a long period of time. It included a housing bubble in the United States and then a slow squeeze in liquidity that brought down banks around the world. Europe and the USA, in particular, are still suffering from the crisis.

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