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‘WorkPac Pty Ltd v Rossato’ and the Australian casual worker

The decision in WorkPac Pty Ltd v Rossato has been heralded as a ‘win’ for Australian casual workers but the economic implications prove far more complex. Tingnan Li delves into the decision to make sense of what it entails in the context of the great Australian saga of the casual workforce.

Revisiting Stiglitz, Sen, and Fitoussi: Coronavirus edition

In 2009, staring down the barrel of the GFC, Stiglitz, Sen, and Fitoussi published their report exploring the shortcomings of GDP and its measurement of wellbeing. In 2020, as we stare down the barrel of a crisis of a different kind, Tingnan Li revisits the report to see if there is any wisdom which may be gleaned.

Learning a thing or two from inter-governmental co-operation

In times when inter-governmental cooperation seems at worst laughable (and at best naively optimistic), a longstanding example of its triumphs (and challenges) exists in the federal and state sharing of education policy. Tingnan Li investigates this unassuming system.

The curious case of disappearing ‘likes’

Instagram’s unexpected move to trial ‘hidden likes’ begs many questions such as: why might a social media titan seemingly retire one of its most effective tools of success? Tingnan Li attempts to delve past the cacophony to make sense of the surprising move.

A game of cartel combat

In a corporate landscape seemingly rife with dubious activity and insufficient regulatory reach, the ACCC’s game theory based whistleblower approach to cartels may be an unexpected diamond in the rough. Tingnan Li forgoes a cape but nevertheless investigates this unlikely hero.