Yongjoon Paek

Yongjoon Paek

I am a second year master student in economics, and have transferred from to The University of Melbourne from The University of Auckland in New Zealand.

I love writing because it is such a delicate procedure. When one is writing, one is cautious and aware. Many if not most of his preliminary and crude ideas are censored and refined into shape. In this sense a piece of writing is simply a nicely polished piece of thought. However, writing must also be engaging, assertive and thought provoking. It has the potential to surface the voice of an idea that should be heard. A writer could find that writing is the only means by which he can be heard or be seen.

So in essence a piece of writing is the subtle tradeoff between these two faces of writing. The writer must balance the amount of self censorship and the amount of assertion to gain the attention of the reader. If you are too careful about what and how you write, you risk your work being an uninteresting read, but on the other hand if you are too careless about what and how you write, you risk your readers dismissing your sincerity and honestly.

Economics is a great field to write in, there are literally an infinitum of perspectives on an infinitum of issues. It’s like a public good that never seems to run out!

Economics, The Science for Everyone

By · April 1st, 2012

There is a certain irony in economics. We economists would like to call ourselves scientists, but unlike the other scientists who are able to indulge in debate amongst the learned few of their field, economists are burdened with the obligation to debate amongst society as a whole.

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