Careers Guide

It is a great pleasure to introduce ESSA’s first ever careers guide for economics students, published by ESSA Monash Clayton and Caulfield. This publication has been developed by these two committees to assist economics students with their career development and to connect students to professionals in the field, by showing students the vast breadth and value in studying economics. This guide aims to provide those studying an economics degree or major with an idea of the various places, jobs, and career paths your economics studies can take you.

Careers Guide 2022

Through this guide I hope future students can see the vast opportunities economics can grant you. Since I discovered the study of economics, I have been persuading others to learn it as well. It has been rewarding making sense of the world around us and I endeavour to share this experience with others. I hope our careers guide will influence you to pursue a career in economics and/or shed light on what roles an economics degree can get you.

I am very excited to have been a part of creating more