Careers Guide 2022

Publication Directors Address

Through this guide I hope future students can see the vast opportunities economics can grant you. Since I discovered the study of economics, I have been persuading others to learn it as well. It has been rewarding making sense of the world around us and I endeavour to share this experience with others. I hope our careers guide will influence you to pursue a career in economics and/or shed light on what roles an economics degree can get you.

I am very excited to have been a part of creating ESSA’s first ever careers guide. It would not have been achievable without the great support from the committee and the publications team. I would like to especially thank Kylie Bian, Elise Rodrigo and Philip Mackay for being so diligent and proactive in the realisation of this guide. I would also like to thank all those who have contributed, including alumni, sponsors and the 2022 ESSA committee.

Les Kosem
Director of Publications (ESSA Monash Clayton)