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The Job Crisis haltering Africa’s Prosperity

Could the 21st century belong to Africa? In 2022 Africa collectively has a nominal GDP of 2.96 trillion USD. Although this figure is dwarfed by the GDP of America, having roughly 25 trillion in 2022, there is reason to believe this gap could decrease in the near future.   Africa’s population is roughly 1.4 billion …

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Electric Vehicles: Roadmap to Decarbonisation

Outer suburbs in Victoria tend to drive larger, spacious and older cars which produce more carbon emissions whereas inner city drivers tend to prefer newer cars. This presents challenges in the rolling out of EVs in Australia. Labib Hamza talks about current trends and initiatives to address the slow uptake of EVs in Australia.

PART 2. Modern Monetary Theory

How do government “debt” and the “deficit” operate? How does the government differ from households? Join Felix in Modern Monetary Theory’s answers to these questions.

PART 1. Modern Monetary Theory

Can governments just print money? Do we need taxation to fund government expenditure? Join Felix as he explores these questions with Modern Monetary Theory.

The Good, The Bad, and the Weird: Tax Edition

When we think of tax, there are a few contemporary ones that come to mind, like income or sales tax. But have taxes always been this sensible? Join Domenic as he explores various taxes in world history – the good, the bad, as well as the weird.

The snow industry’s left turn

Snowsports are a costly business, but climate change and generational changes are creating new challenges and extra costs for the industry. Join Wesley as he explains this, and how the snowsport industry is changing to overcome these challenges.

Inflation: A global crisis on the horizon?

New inflation data from the US has induced fears that the world is teetering on the brink of a global recession. Join Labib Mashrur as he explores why prices are rising and how it affects us all.

Is there a relationship between trust and economic growth?

The level of trust in an economy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when analysing economic growth. In this article, Nicholas examines how its significance is often underestimated, and explores the role that trust can play in facilitating higher workforce productivity and economic growth.