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Australia’s Prison Privitisation Project

Australia is home to the largest proportion of private prisons in the world. In this article, Anna explores the claims and outcomes of Australia’s prison privatisation project in order to uncover concerning truths.

Avoiding the disasters of disaster management – Part I

Australia has faced many natural disasters in recent memory. Join Alexander on this two part journey as he explores why state and federal governments should diminish disaster risk, ensure insurance, and cheer cooperation to produce better outcomes for communities impacted by natural disasters.

The “crate” depression

What happens when players exploit a bug in a video game economy to acquire valuable items and mass sell them to others? How did the game’s developers react and what can we learn from this? Les explores the “Crate” Depression 2019 which affected the Team Fortress 2 economy.

Meet AlphaFold: A true artificial intelligence

For many people, Artificial Intelligence is still decades away. However, Google’s DeepMind have been making progress in this field in leaps and bounds. The linked paper in this article outlines why David believes AlphaFold represents true Artificial Intelligence through its ability to reason and creativity.

Students discussing their work

Are friendships strengthening education policy outcomes?

What is your average friend worth? Analysing friendship behaviour can help us better understand spillover effects when evaluating education policy The tutor learning initiative in Victoria In light of the current lockdown measures, teachers were required to adapt their learning to online platforms to compensate for the fact that students were unable to attend school …

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Rethinking Australia’s Migration Program

Skills mismatch and wrong composition of permanent skilled migrant intake are some of the issues with Australia’s migration program. Join Akshita as she explores these shortcomings and discusses its potential implications for the Australian economy.

Agriculture and Climate Change: A Balancing Act

“Will the circle be unbroken?” When we ponder climate change, things are easier said than done. In his latest article, Shabeeh presents an insight into the agricultural feedback loop which stands as a barrier in Australia’s mission to meet its climate change goals.

MARVEL-lous Economics

Marvel movies are one of the biggest forces in the entertainment industry. On face value, it does not seem like they have anything to do with economics. Join Ishika as she uncovers how they are more closely related than it might appear.

Caffeine, Consciousness, and Capitalism

Every day, 90% of the world’s population enjoys a caffeinated beverage. In this interdisciplinary piece, Josh draws on insights from history, cognitive science, and sometimes economics, as he sets out to answer the following question: has the rise of caffeine been a positive development for our species?