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PART 4. Modern Monetary Theory

Modern Monetary Theory is about more than just tax, debt, and deficits. What can it tell us about unemployment and charities? Join Felix in the final instalment of his series to find out!

PART 3. Modern Monetary Theory

Inflation is the largest motivator of controversy over Modern Monetary Theory. Is MMT really all about spending freely? Join Felix in MMT’s response to these critiques.

PART 2. Modern Monetary Theory

How do government “debt” and the “deficit” operate? How does the government differ from households? Join Felix in Modern Monetary Theory’s answers to these questions.

PART 1. Modern Monetary Theory

Can governments just print money? Do we need taxation to fund government expenditure? Join Felix as he explores these questions with Modern Monetary Theory.

The Market for Beauty

Aristotle is quoted as saying: “Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.” Perhaps he was waxing poetic about the soul, or perhaps he was foreseeing beauty-based discrimination in the labour market. Joel Lee explores the phenomenon of beauty premiums in the workplace and how economics can help us resolve it.

Ageing: An impost on prosperity?

The world’s population is getting older, and the economic implications of this are yet to come. Join Wesley as he outlines the scale of this issue and what could be done about it.