“Equilibrium is our annual hardcopy publication featuring articles from our writers, external contributors, sponsors and affiliates. It both showcases the achievements of the society throughout the year, and also contributes to its ongoing success, by bringing together an engaged and vibrant discussion of economics from a wide range of perspectives. Happy reading!”
– Yael Jacoby , Publications Director 2017

Equilibrium 2015


It is with incredible excitement that I present to you the fourth edition of Equilibrium. As ESSA has strengthened its position as the premier student voice of economics in Australia, this publication endeavours to both showcase the achievements of the society in 2015, and contribute to its ongoing success.

This year posed a unique challenge in the creation of Equilibrium as I was on exchange in Paris for the latter half of the year – precisely when the publication is compiled and edited. While this was an initial hurdle, it certainly provided me with the motivation that I needed to spread out the necessary work more evenly across the year. There were emails, messages and Skype calls aplenty in order to accomplish what seemed to be a mammoth task – with the time difference calculations between France and Australia adding a nice numerical touch to the whole situation. And finally, after countless hours of planning, editing and formatting, the work has come to a close in making Equilibrium 2015 a reality.