Equilibrium is our annual hardcopy publication featuring articles from our writers, external contributors, sponsors and affiliates. It both showcases the achievements of the society throughout the year, and also contributes to its ongoing success, by bringing together an engaged and vibrant discussion of economics from a wide range of perspectives. Happy reading!

Equilibrium 2021

Whilst 2021 was supposed to mark the beginning of the post-COVID era (or perhaps post-lockdown), unfortunately as the year progressed the students of Melbourne again found themselves confined to their desks as remote learning became the only viable option. However, not to be deterred, ESSA’s writing team continued to follow their economic interests and draw inspiration from the myriad of local and global events that took place over the course of 2021. As ever, our writers explored topics on historical economic thinking, contemporary issues and

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Equilibrium 2017

After months of improvisation and some planning, we are proud to present you with ESSA’s sixth edition of Equilibrium. Equilibrium stands as a reflection and testament to another year of ESSA. We hope this publication demonstrates our committee’s dedication to economic discussion while also proving that students do really care about global issues and the political economy (as well as pop culture)

It is almost a miracle that this publication was completed on time. The two creators, Yaz and

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Equilibrium 2016

After months of hard work and planning, we are proud to present to you ESSA’s fifth edition of Equilibrium. Equilibrium stands as a reflection and testament to another year of ESSA. Another year of engaging economic students, fostering insightful economic discussions and creating a wonderfully warm community. We hope that this publication not only highlights the society’ s achievements throughout 2016, but also demonstrates the dedication within ESSA to embracing economic debate and showing that students care about and have strong opinions

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Equilibrium 2015

It is with incredible excitement that I present to you the fourth edition of Equilibrium. As ESSA has strengthened its position as the premier student voice of economics in Australia, this publication endeavours to both showcase the achievements of the society in 2015, and contribute to its ongoing success.

This year posed a unique challenge in the creation of Equilibrium as I was on exchange in Paris for the latter half of the year – precisely when the publication is compiled and edited.

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