Directors Welcome

One would think that by setting the theme of Disasters, I was bound to be flooded with submissions ruminating on an impending apocalypse and dystopian futures. Given the challenging external circumstances everyone has suddenly found themselves in, it would not have been surprising had this edition been filled with heartfelt meditations on the struggles of 2020. But something quite different happened.

I found myself reading through thoughtful analysis of potential solutions to the problems of today. Writers chose to see disasters as opportunities to learn something. They posed crises as chances for systematic change that would not otherwise occur.

It filled me with a lot of brightness and hope to see that others of my generation have so much optimism for the future and the drive to focus their energies on developing new ideas and solutions. It inspires me to do the same and I hope that this publication sparks some light for you too.

So welcome to the 2020 Edition of Short Supply.

Thank-you so much for taking the time to read this in such a turbulent year. We put a lot of effort in and truly appreciate the support of each and every reader. Thank-you to everyone on the ESSA committee, all the writers, and our sponsors for enabling us to put out this publication.

Thao-Mi Bui

Director of Publications (ESSA Monash Clayton)