The World of Tomorrow
The World of Tomorrow

The World of Tomorrow


Directors Welcome

Welcome to the fourth issue of Short Supply, an annual publication of the Economics Student Society of Australia. Launched in 2015, Short Supply serves as a platform for students and academics in the Monash community to share their views and insights on an annual theme of economic significance.

This year’s issue, themed ‘The World of Tomorrow’, highlights the importance of economics in understanding and addressing the challenges and opportunities that we will face as a global community in the coming years. Innovations such as personalised healthcare and electric vehicles will promote greater efficiencies and accessibility. On the other hand, inequality, resource scarcity and political volatility present challenges that will need to be overcome to build a prosperous and sustainable society.

The publication of Short Supply is the result of the work of many people. We would like to thank Sheli Kuperman for designing this magazine; our contributors and editors for their hard work in producing these articles; and the ESSA committee for their support of the publications team. We also thank Productivity Commissioner Dr Stephen King for taking the time to share his insights into the future of competition. Lastly, we would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support of our endeavours.

If you are a Monash student with an interest in economics and passion for writing, we are constantly looking for new writers to join our team. Details of our current recruitment drive can be found on page 26 of this magazine.

Thank you for picking up a copy of this year’s issue of Short Supply. We hope you enjoy reading the magazine, and that it encourages to you think about the uncertain but exciting world of tomorrow in a different light.

Amy Pereira and Eddie Go

Magazine Editors