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Unsolicited advice from an Honours student

When Olivia Robins started uni, she had it all planned out. The lesson she learned when she realised those plans weren’t right for her has a ring of familiarity for students at all stages of their uni careers.

Should you consider a career in academia?

Do you possess an insatiable thirst for knowledge? Mike Pottenger recounts his journey to becoming an academic and shares a few valuable pointers for anyone considering doing the same.

The Global Consulting Project: the ‘capstone’ commerce experience

Perspiring from the blistering heat while stressing for an upcoming Business Finance exam was the circumstances surrounding my discovery of the Global Consulting Project. Etched as clear as crystal into a corner of my mind, I remember asking my friend where her boyfriend was, to which she replied that he was overseas in Thailand consulting for an unnamed firm, as part of a Melbourne University subject.

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