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From little things big things grow

The history of Coles and Woolworths in Australia has been an impressive one. Both being around with us since our nation’s infancy, they still remain with us today as the two major supermarkets in modern Australia. In many ways, they are a part of our national identity.

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The Flipside to Loyalty Cards

Coles recently rebooted their loyalty program with a revamp of their FlyBuys card. Redeemable gifts and in-store discounts are on offer, and nearly everyone is being invited to join the program at zero cost.

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The Cost of Low Prices

Nary has a week gone by without melancholic economic news to bring one’s mood down. Amidst such woes, one of the consistent comforts Australians can depend on is the competitively low prices at the big supermarkets. With Coles and Woolworths now calling a price war on fresh produce, having already hammered down milk prices, it appears as if these giants are altruistically looking out for us. Blatant sarcasm aside, lowered prices must come from somewhere along the supply chain, which is certainly worth looking into.

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