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Chinese GDP and growth: What’s in a number?

Recently China’s president Xi Jinping was quoted in saying that China’s GDP growth will be subdued in the foreseeable future, relative to the rapid growth in the past decade. China’s official newspaper Xinhua has put the internal target at 7.5% p.a. for 2013 from a 7.8% p.a. actual figure achieved in 2012, and many are undoubtedly aware that this is a 13-year record low. Exactly how much has the world’s second largest economy grown by and how has China done it?

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Coursera: Principles of Macroeconomics with Nilss Olekalns

ESSA is proud to announce the launch of The University of Melbourne’s first free online course Principles of Macroeconomics through education provider Coursera. The subject will be taught by Nilss Olekalns, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics and ESSA Board of Advisors.

To coincide with the launch, ESSA is thrilled to announce our official affiliation with Nilss Olekalns and the University to deliver this course.

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