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University economics: The curious case of international students and their enormous fees

The deregulation of Australian universities has to be the most controversial topic in the higher education sphere at the moment. The government stated that this move will help to increase Australia’s international competitiveness. ‘Universities only see us as cash cows!’ you say. And you may be right! Universities may just see you and me as nothing more than a way to raise their revenue. However, there’s a huge target market for Australian universities, and it doesn’t comprise local students.

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The myths of university deregulation

With further deregulation of higher education on the horizon, some students are crying out against ‘corporate universities’. Alice He examines whether such concerns are justified.

The failures of neoliberalism

This article was featured in the 2013 edition of Equilibrium, our annual print publication.

‘The salient failure of the current financial crisis is that it was not caused by some external shock … the crisis was generated by the system itself.’—George Soros

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