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Why Empowering Women is Good for the Weather

In my most recent article, I shed light on how changing demographics can lead to a change in climate. More specifically, climate change can be affected by ageing population, declining household size and urbanisation. Slowing population growth can contribute a 16-29% cut in our 2050 emissions target – this brings the question of how policies targeted at family planning and fertility rates can mitigate climate change. I will begin with a broad overview of how climate change relates to human emissions, funnelling down to considerations of birth control and female education.

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Economic Lobbying, Singaporean Style

It’s time to get productive… reproductive

Well it’s not your average public policy lobbying. In fact the breath mint manufacturer ‘Mentos’ bypassed the Singaporean Government and went direct to the people with their novel National Day (August 9) Campaign putting forth the obvious solution to the country’s appallingly low birth rate: it’s time to procreate, if not for yourselves then as a patriotic act for your country. And how better to get the message out there then through song, well rap to be exact.

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