housing affordability

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#ESSADebate – to save or to spend?

To save or to spend, that is the dilemma facing many of us today. Julia Pham and Justin Liu go head to head in an #ESSADebate on what you should be doing with your money in your 20s. Have a read and then vote for your favourite in our poll to crown the winner, once and for all!

Budget 2017: Housing affordability

Housing affordability is the hot-button issue of Australian politics at the moment. Did Scott Morrison’s much-vaunted Budget make it easier for you to buy a house? Bilal Ibrahim explores what you need to know.

The Australian negative gearing tax concession and housing affordability (Part 1)

In Part 1 of 2, Oscar examines the effect of the tax concession on the housing supply.

Housing affordability in Australia

Home ownership is a cornerstone of personal wellbeing.[1] In fact, general and mental health is positively related to both home ownership and housing tenure.[2] Moreover, article 11 of the ICESCR,[3] to which Australia is a signatory, recognises a right to adequate housing. Discouragingly, however, the rate of home ownership in Australia has not increased since 1961 and,[4] in 2013, Australia’s median-house-price-to-income ratio for metropolitan housing was among the world’s highest at 5.8.[5]

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Saul Eslake, and the duty of economists to improve public policy debate

Saul Eslake and Associate Professor Neville Norman
Saul Eslake and Associate Professor Neville Norman

What do career advice, public policy and Eddie McGuire have in common? The answer is that they were part of the vast array of fascinating topics covered by Saul Eslake, Chief Economist of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, in ESSA’s inaugural Neville Norman Lecture, held on the 16 April at The University of Melbourne.

In his conversation with Associate Professor Norman, Mr Eslake talked about how Economics has helped shape his career, dispensing pearls of wisdom throughout the presentation.

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