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The fight against cyber attacks

With the prevalence and costs of cyber attacks rising in recent years, corporations and governments are now taking stronger action and issuing stern warnings to cyber criminals.

The dynamic force of internet piracy

The free access to film and television is slowly becoming the social norm. Annie Cao uncovers the game-changing effects of internet piracy that have changed the landscape of the industry.

The Economics behind Pirating

With massive technological advances, it is safe to say that through growing ease of access we have all pirated copyright material such as music, TV shows, software or movies in one way or another.  Whether we have downloaded it ourselves through direct download sites and peer to peer networks, or perhaps received a copy from a friend or even used some other elaborate method to avoid paying for it, the logic of pirating is simple: why pay so much more for something that is readily accessible at near free of charge price.

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Economics, The Science for Everyone

Source: Photo illustraton/FogStock LLC/Newscom

There is a certain irony in economics. We economists would like to call ourselves scientists, but unlike the other scientists who are able to indulge in debate amongst the learned few of their field, economists are burdened with the obligation to debate amongst society as a whole. Where society includes scientists and non-scientists, people who are as educated as you and those who are not, people who often feel the unpleasantness of being too full and those who equally often must feel the unpleasantness of being hungry (don’t forget everyone in between too!).     

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