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The Intern Experience – Public Policy Reform, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll

Whilst the reputation for the intern experience is one of fetching coffees for superiors and photocopying a litany of documents, the experience I was fortunate to have at the Grattan Institute over Summer 2012/13 will be one to remain with me for years to come.

Founded in 2008 with financial endowments from the Federal and State governments, BHP Billiton and in kind support from the University of Melbourne, the Grattan Institute has sought to carve out a role as one of Australia’s most significant think tanks, specifically focused on public policy. Since founding, it has released a variety of influential reports on key policy issues with its most notable work released last year concerning the significant reforms that could unleash a new wave of economic growth in Australia.

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Economics in a Public Policy Environment: An intern’s Perspective

As there are several internship applications currently open (see our opportunities page for more information), I’m deviating from my usual macroeconomic analyses to provide some practical insights into what being an “economic intern” entails. More specifically, this article focuses on how economics can be applied in a public policy environment. Should you expect to spend gruelling hours deducing the saving rate that maximises consumption per worker in steady state? Read on to find out!

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