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Out with the Mining in with the…?

Cynthia explains the history of industry in Australia, and identifies opportunities for the future.

This article first appeared in Short Supply 2015 – check out the full magazine via the Short Supply tab at the top of this page!

Falling Commodity Prices: Riding the Rollercoaster

Mining has propped up the Australian economy for over a decade, but now the boom appears to be over. What can explain this dramatic fall?

This article first appeared in Short Supply 2015 – check out the full magazine via the Short Supply tab at the top of this page!

The end of good times? The mining boom re-examined

This article is one of two Q&A specials informing the reader on a topic of economic importance to Australia that was discussed by the panel on the night.

In the past few years Australia has experienced one of the longest and largest increases in the value of the mining sector, seeing it grow to account for approximately 52% of all exports produced by Australia and worth $164 Billion a year[1]. Similarly, mining related investments in Australia now comprise some 40% of all investments undertaken, up from 10% before the boom and accounting for $80 billion a year — more than any other country in the developed world.

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The World this week with ESSA

Hand picked selection of economics content from around the web. This week: Europe, US election coverage, the RBA’s monetary policy and the cost of free range chickens. ESSA, 7 October 2012 World Economy Europe Greek Prime Minister Warns of Societal Collapse Like Weimar Germany; Citizens Storm Defense Ministry; – Global Economic Analysis Greece is politically …

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Why we aren’t feeling the mining boom?

We are all aware about the mining boom going on in WA and QLD, and the other states trapped in the slow lane of the 2 speed economy, patiently waiting for the supposed income flows from the mining boom to come. The RBA seems to always be optimistic that the boom will stay strong and the income and prosperity will spread to the other states eventually. The government has attempted to help out with the Minerals Resources Rent Tax.  Theoretically economic flows can be felt widespread under normal circumstances however the effect of the Global Financial Crisis plays a major role in why we have a 2 speed economy and how it is constraining the flows from the mining boom to the rest of the economy.

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Structural Changes in the Australian Economy: Part 2 – The Two Speed Economy (Q&A special)

Many of you would be aware that ESSA is hosting a Q&A event on the evening of Thursday August 16th, where our brilliant panel will be answering questions on immigration and the two-speed economy. In honour of Q&A, I have decided to continue my series on structural changes (read the first installment here) with an analysis of the two-speed economy. This article attempts to provide a snapshot of the key issues surrounding our two-speed economy and the main policy implications. I also consider some of the potential questions that our panel may be forced to contend with on the night!

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