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Tax me if you can

We need a lucid tax discussion, but the language of our leaders suggests we won’t get it, says Matthew Rao.

The Australian negative gearing tax concession and housing affordability (Part 1)

In Part 1 of 2, Oscar examines the effect of the tax concession on the housing supply.

Housing affordability in Australia

Home ownership is a cornerstone of personal wellbeing.[1] In fact, general and mental health is positively related to both home ownership and housing tenure.[2] Moreover, article 11 of the ICESCR,[3] to which Australia is a signatory, recognises a right to adequate housing. Discouragingly, however, the rate of home ownership in Australia has not increased since 1961 and,[4] in 2013, Australia’s median-house-price-to-income ratio for metropolitan housing was among the world’s highest at 5.8.[5]

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