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Shale gas: play at your own cost

Natalya Turkina explores the rise of shale gas extraction and consumption, termed ‘fracking’, with unexpected implications ranging from the economic to the environmental.

Who is the most sustainable?

Results for 2012 Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes Review was announced earlier last year. The goal of this article is to highlight the companies and countries that were leaders in terms of sustainability performance in 2011.

The world’s 2500 largest companies from 58 different sectors were analysed in terms of their opportunities and risks derived from economic, environmental and social developments. Only 15% of them were included in The Sustainability Yearbook.

Companies that have the highest score in the Review represent following countries: the USA (38 leading positions), the UK (25), South Korea (22), Germany (19), France (16), Japan (13), Spain (13) and Australia (12). 

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