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Out with the Mining in with the…?

Cynthia explains the history of industry in Australia, and identifies opportunities for the future.

This article first appeared in Short Supply 2015 – check out the full magazine via the Short Supply tab at the top of this page!

Learning to trust strangers

Anisha Kidd considers how new technology is helping strangers trust each other – and thus opening up a new world of economic transactions.

The Hanseatic League

Elijah takes us to Hamburg and reflects on the city’s heritage as a flourishing centre of the Hanseatic League.

Working hard or hardly working?

I think much of what I like about capitalism stems from the idea of certainty; the idea that we can be sure, perhaps naively or misleadingly, that individuals will always act in accordance with self-interested values.

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iRobot – a reality?

In light of the recent rise in the pension age to 70, it seems fitting to consider what future we are actually heading towards. Is it one in which we live longer and therefore work longer to sustain ourselves? Or will robots take charge of all menial societal functions leaving us to simply consider our thoughts to our heart’s content?

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The rise of the QWERTY keyboard

Ever wondered how efficiently you type? Cordelia Foo examines the origins of the QWERTY keyboard and how it came to be the universal standard.