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The Global Consulting Project: the ‘capstone’ commerce experience

Perspiring from the blistering heat while stressing for an upcoming Business Finance exam was the circumstances surrounding my discovery of the Global Consulting Project. Etched as clear as crystal into a corner of my mind, I remember asking my friend where her boyfriend was, to which she replied that he was overseas in Thailand consulting for an unnamed firm, as part of a Melbourne University subject.

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Inspiration vs. perspiration: what was the key to East Asia’s economic success?

Paul Krugman wrote a famous paper in the 1990s outlining the myths surrounding the Asian miracle of the 20th century. Rather than it being a ‘miracle’, he presented a less dazzling critique of Asia’s economic success. He proposed that it was a combination of stringent government policy and the further adoption of free trade that was key to sustaining economic growth in East Asia. Most of this growth occurred in eight economies, collectively referred to as the High Performing Asian Economies (HPAEs) – Japan, Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and the newly industrializing Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand [1]. The relationship between public policy and economic growth is now more important than ever, and in light of the continuing economic crisis in Europe, there are a number of lessons to be learnt from the success of the HPAEs.

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