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Syria: the economic costs behind a civil war

The Syrian civil war officially began with demonstrations as part of the Arab Spring protest movement in March 2011. Forces opposed to the government, such as the Free Syrian Army, have been seeking to oust the Ba’ath Government and defend the violence against opposition protesters. According to the United Nations, more than 100,000 people have died in this conflict.

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ESSA Events – Mark Nicholson Recap

On a chilly Thursday evening, ESSA hosted our inaugural public lecture featuring guest speaker Mark Nicholson. The topic – Harvard, Hedge funds and the World Bank. The evening was fully booked out by over 200 people comprising of academics, interested members of the public and students from multiple universities including the University of Melbourne, Deakin and RMIT. While the location of the event was changed at the last minute, ushers from the Events team ensured that everyone made it to the evening without any delay.

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ESSA presents Mark Nicholson

Mark Nicholson is a University of Melbourne alumnus, having graduated with a Commerce/Law degree. He has since gone on to attain an MBA from Harvard University and was appointed as Chief Investment Officer at the World Bank for 7 years. Following this, Mark has directed and been on advisory boards of several investment companies and hedge funds, including Tudor Investment Corporation, Arnott Capital Pty Ltd and Melbourne-based Vianova Asset Management Pty Ltd.

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Donations or Development? The Economic Implications of Kony 2012

Chances are you now know who Joseph Kony is. Since its release on 5 March Kony 2012 has attracted more than 100 million hits on YouTube and Vimeo and has become the most successful viral video in history. The film, produced by the US-based non-profit organisation Invisible Children, aims to make the Ugandan guerrilla leader and indicted war criminal Joseph Kony ‘famous’ in order to have him arrested by 31 December 2012.

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