Balance sheet recessions: another economic fallacy?

By · March 26th, 2015

Marco Madzzar reflects on a new book by economist Richard Koo and its promise of resolving the economic malaise troubling the developed world.

The story of the real Australian economy

By · March 25th, 2015

Part 1: A post boom future.

Formulating the education agenda: an algebraic approach

By · March 23rd, 2015

2015 was set as the deadline for the Education For All and Millennium Development Goals. Kathryn St. John gives her assessment and offers a road-map moving forward.

The wrong opinions of defunct economists

By · March 21st, 2015

Smith, Marx, Malthus, Keynes, Schumpeter: the history of economics is a meeting of megaminds, writes HETSA President Alex Millmow.

Viability of the rentier state: internal political divergence stagnating development in Kuwait

By · March 20th, 2015

With petrol prices plummeting to just over a dollar a litre in Australia, the spotlight is once again on the Gulf States, and how policy-makers will react to changing economic conditions.

Free market, free women?

By · March 19th, 2015

Christine Li dissects the disparities in labour market outcomes between men and women.

Behavioural economics: a primer

By · March 16th, 2015

The rational man is known well to any classical economist, writes Philip Grossman. But his devilish counterpart, the irrational man, is uncharted territory. Enter behavioural economics.

The importance of trade relations between Australia and Indonesia

By · March 13th, 2015

Alex Setiawan highlights the importance of a good relationship between Australia and its neighbour Indonesia.

In defence of models

By · March 11th, 2015

Perhaps not so glamorous as the ones on the runway, economic models often get a bad wrap. Yannis Goutzamanis analyses some well-known and much used models and gives his take.

Economic analysis of the Asian Cup

By · March 11th, 2015

Alex Setiawan discusses the economic impacts of the Asian Cup on the Australian economy.

A life – how much is it worth?

By · March 10th, 2015

How much is your life worth? Your health? Both in Australia and globally, healthcare costs are rising in real terms and as a proportion of GDP. The discussion around this in the media and policy centres on this fact, and solutions are proposed to change how much we spend; less effort is expended on analysing how we spend it. We propose that health economics is flawed both in its implementation and its theory.

Price discrimination and the expanding retail market in Australia

By · March 6th, 2015

Economics student Olivia Robins just wanted to buy an iPhone. To her dismay, she found out that it would cost nearly three times more in Australia than it would in the US. Find out why.

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