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  2. Annual Publication Out Now!
    By · May 20th, 2017

    Enjoy our annual publications below!

  3. Mo Money Mo Problems: The Universal Basic Income
    By · August 22nd, 2016

    Ahead of tonight’s big debate between Melbourne and Monash, Matt Lagamba weighs in on the universal basic income.

The rationality of consuming addictive substances

By · August 17th, 2018

People often think of addiction as being diametrically opposed to rationality. Yet why do so many consume addictive substances? And what makes them addictive?

Why Performance-Based Incentives for Teachers Make No Sense

By · August 13th, 2018

There have been multiple attempts by federal and state politicians to introduce performance pay policies for teachers. Thomas Granger debunks the common arguments made for performance-based pay and discusses how we can improve our education system by providing our teachers with more resources and better support.

In defence of uncertainty

By · August 8th, 2018

Nick Henderson argues that a counterintuitive dose of uncertainty is not just beneficial, but essential for economic and moral development.

Never forget: ‘It’s the economy, stupid’

By · August 5th, 2018

Some people are hoping that Trump doesn’t see the beginning of a second term. Mitchell Harvey explains why they shouldn’t hold their breath and how Trump might be a continuing fixture in their lives.

Navigating Australia’s Energy Policy

By · August 2nd, 2018

Australia’s energy market has long dominated media headlines. Sarah Fung discusses a number of key reports released this year which make short, medium, and long-term recommendations on what investments need to made to ensure the stability and sustainability of the energy market.

Name a more iconic duo than sequels and franchises

By · August 1st, 2018

In the face of fresh challenges, Hollywood finds solace in the arms of a new beau: the blockbuster film-franchise. Tingnan Li attempts to make sense of this commercial love story.

#ESSADebate: President Xi and the Abolition of Term Limits

By · July 30th, 2018

In March, China abolished presidential term limits from its constitution, allowing the current President Xi to rule the country indefinitely. Term limits had been established in 1981 during the leadership of Den Xiaoping during a liberal era of the country’s history and were intended to move the country away from the shadow of the totalitarian rule of Mao Zedong. Now, the erasure of term limits has been widely condemned with many speculating that it is a step back towards a more totalitarian China.

House prices are falling, but this isn’t good news for first-home buyers

By · July 27th, 2018

George Kopelis takes a closer look at a housing market which is not as accessible as the headlines suggest.

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