1. The Economics Student Society of Australia
  2. Annual Publication Out Now!
    By · May 20th, 2017

    Enjoy our annual publications below!

  3. Mo Money Mo Problems: The Universal Basic Income
    By · August 22nd, 2016

    Ahead of tonight’s big debate between Melbourne and Monash, Matt Lagamba weighs in on the universal basic income.

India: the next manufacturing giant?

By · April 18th, 2021

Is the power of the manufacturing shifting to India’s hands? Join Ishika as she utilises empirical evidence to draw parallels between India’s current position and China’s past ascension into the industry.

Infinite Wants in a Finite World

By · April 18th, 2021

We have infinite wants, yet we live in a world where input resources are finite. This disparity gives rise to numerous economic complexities and issues. In this article, join Nicholas Marinucci as he explores how we can address the important problem of finiteness.

Is a Global Minimum Tax Rate On The Cards?

By · April 16th, 2021

Janet Yellen, US treasury Secretary and former Fed Chairmen, recently proposed a global minimum tax rate applying to all corporations regardless of where they are physically located. Join Ezekiel, as he examines the issue of companies off-shoring to ‘Tax-Havens’, and discusses the economic and political feasibility of moving to a global minimum corporate tax rate.

Economic inequality is rising. What can we do about it?

By · April 12th, 2021

Join Diego as he delves into the economic inequality, leaving us with some insightful recommendations.

ESSA’s Monthly Highlights: April

By · April 9th, 2021

Are you in search of that next great book to read or podcast to listen to? Look no further and join ESSA’s editorial team as we recommend our favourite books and podcasts of the month, spanning the anthropology of debt, the work of a relatively unknown developmental economist and the psychology of white-collar criminals.

The Politics of Growth: How Institutions Shape Our World

By · April 9th, 2021

All around the world institutions have shaped the economic outcomes we see today. In this article, join Benjamin Thompson as he discusses the implications of institutional divergence around the world on economic growth and technological innovation.

UBI: A Radical Fringe Theory or a Pragmatic Path Forward?

By · April 8th, 2021

The promise of Universal Basic Income (UBI), as popularised by Andrew Yang’s 2020 US presidential candidacy, has been the subject of widespread debate in recent years. Join Henry, as he provides an insight into the rationale behind this lucrative concept in public policy, and discusses its potential implications for the Australian economy.

Australia’s ‘not so green’ Budget

By · April 6th, 2021

The eyes of the world are watching as countries pioneer to meet their carbon emissions targets. The question is, where does Australia stand? In this publication, Ishika examines Australia’s stance of meeting green targets in its recent budget

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