1. The Economics Student Society of Australia
  2. Annual Publication Out Now!
    By · May 20th, 2017

    Enjoy our annual publications below!

  3. Mo Money Mo Problems: The Universal Basic Income
    By · August 22nd, 2016

    Ahead of tonight’s big debate between Melbourne and Monash, Matt Lagamba weighs in on the universal basic income.

Do grades really matter?

By · June 15th, 2020

Should you focus on getting good grades at the expense of all else? Ronald Poon investigates.

Is gold a “safe haven” asset amid the coronavirus pandemic?

By · June 9th, 2020

Gold prices have been rising despite large dips in the market due to COVID-19. Hooi San Ng investigates why this is the case.

Why is U.S. Military Spending so High?

By · June 7th, 2020

Raymond He is back to shine some light on US military expenditures, paralleled with a discussion of significant war periods

The Rebound Effect: Shocking (In)Efficiency

By · June 3rd, 2020

One would think that more efficient use of resources leads to less of those resources being consumed. Quite the opposite happens. Joel Lee investigates this paradox.

Fixing our gas woes to power Australia out of recession

By · June 1st, 2020

How will the Australian economy recover following the pandemic that has crippled the globe? Read on as Charlie Francis discusses the viability of increasing our use of gas as an energy source to revive Australia’s production capabilities.

Diversification is strength: Australia’s trade war with China

By · May 28th, 2020

The global pandemic will cause repercussions beyond the policies implemented, join Jeremy as he analyses the Australia-China trade agreement.

Revisiting Stiglitz, Sen, and Fitoussi: Coronavirus edition

By · May 27th, 2020

In 2009, staring down the barrel of the GFC, Stiglitz, Sen, and Fitoussi published their report exploring the shortcomings of GDP and its measurement of wellbeing. In 2020, as we stare down the barrel of a crisis of a different kind, Tingnan Li revisits the report to see if there is any wisdom which may be gleaned.

The bitcoin conundrum: cracking the code on decentralised digital currency

By · May 26th, 2020

Login with Lawrence as he depicts the complexities of Bitcoin, and analyses a medium whose stability persists in this tumultuous time.

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