Short Supply

Welcome to Short Supply, an annual publication of the Economics Student Society of Australia. Launched in 2015 by ESSA’s Monash branch, Short Supply has since served as an outlet for student writers and esteemed academics to share their thoughts and insights on a particular theme of economic significance. You can enjoy our past issues below!

Short Supply 2020

One would think that by setting the theme of Disasters, I was bound to be flooded with submissions ruminating on an impending apocalypse and dystopian futures. Given the challenging external circumstances everyone has suddenly found themselves in, it would not have been surprising had this edition been filled with heartfelt meditations on the struggles of 2020. But something quite different happened.

I found myself reading through thoughtful analysis of potential solutions to the problems of more

Short Supply 2019

It is ironic that a generation that one could justifiably argue wins the award for ‘Least Time Spent Outdoors, Climbing Trees and Frolicking in Meadows’, is also the one that is most presciently preoccupied with a fear that Planet Earth will imminently collapse.

With this we welcome you to this year’s edition of Short Supply, ‘The Environment’, a place for the young economists of the future and today to speak up about their concerns and what they believe may be the solutions to the more

Short Supply 2018

Welcome to the fourth issue of Short Supply, an annual publication of the Economics Student Society of Australia. Launched in 2015, Short Supply serves as a platform for students and academics in the Monash community to share their views and insights on an annual theme of economic significance. This year’s issue, themed ‘The World of Tomorrow’, highlights the importance of economics in understanding and addressing the challenges and opportunities that we will face as a global community in the coming years. Innovations such as personalised healthcare and electric vehicles will promote more

Short Supply 2017

I warmly welcome you to Short Supply, an annual publication of the Economics Student Society of Australia. It has been an absolute honour working with our dedicated team to produce the third edition of this magazine, as well as on all of our other projects this year. In 2017 we have continued to publish high-quality online pieces, introduced debate-style articles to further encourage economic discussion, and expanded to include Monash University’s Caulfield campus. Looking ahead, we have exciting plans for semester two, including the long-awaited reboot of ESSA more

Short Supply 2016

As Monash’s Director of Publications for 2016 I have been tasked with overseeing various projects. Our orientation week magazine, ‘Irrational Expectations,’ was a successful venture, a testament to the hard-work of our writing staff, editors, committee members, and graphic design team. We have continued to produce high-calibre pieces for our website, ranging from the housing market, to superannuation, and even the economics of Game of Thrones. Our efforts culminated in election coverage with our partners at Melbourne University on election eve. more

Short Supply 2015

I warmly welcome you to the inaugural issue of Short Supply, a publication of the Economics Student Society of Australia (ESSA). Short Supply aims to be a vehicle for economic debate and to advance economic literacy among all university students, regardless of academic background. Economics is, after all, ubiquitous in our lives.

This issue—themed ‘Australia’s economy: then and now’—sheds light on the path taken by Australia’s economy thus far and some lessons we can glean from that path. Authors consider contemporary more