Happy Valentine’s Day, from Helicopter Ben

Happy Valentine’s Day, from Helicopter Ben

Ben Bernanke
Valentine's DayExpectations Theory
February 13, 2012

You can do your part for the local economy by partaking in today’s Valentine’s Day!

To help you in your endeavours, here are some romantic lines which you may use on that special someone. These come courtesy of the ever-generous, Helicopter Ben.

Alan Greeenspan coined the phrase in 1996. Robert Shiller used it as the title of his book. Ben succinctly explains its root cause.

This line can bail you out of the stickiest situations.

Be sure not to follow this line up with whether or not the curves are grounded in expectation theory, demand and supply, or liquidity preference; or a combination.

Although this might be an obvious euphemism to you, framing it in a positive and desirable manner will increase her reception of the idea. While this may have the negative side-effect of devaluing the currency of love, it can be effective in achieving short-term goals.

For more of Ben’s romantic policy advice, go to:   http://fedvalentines.tumblr.com/

Happy Hunting!