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Small business, the favourite child of budget policy

Small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) continue to be some of the key beneficiaries of the Federal Budget, with the 2016/17 instalment going further than had previously been expected. Prior to tonight, there had been an understanding that the rate of company tax faced by SMEs would be lowered as an extension of the policies introduced …

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Tax me if you can

We need a lucid tax discussion, but the language of our leaders suggests we won’t get it, says Matthew Rao.

Editors’ Picks — 17th May 2015

This week, readers are given a chance to see the effects of certain budget cuts and investment initiatives; how did Twitter’s share price drop by US$8b, and should we be trusting market trends? Moving beyond Australian borders, we explore Africa’s rapid urbanisation and China’s new proposal to invest $50 billion in Brazil.

Increasing interest in higher education reform

In the recent Federal budget, the Australian government controversially proposed a change in the indexed rate of HELP debt, alongside fee deregulation and the lowering of government subsidies. This has signalled a seismic shift in government thinking and the structure of Australia’s tertiary education sector.

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