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The connection between traditional economics indicators and human welfare is not always concrete. Joel Lee explores happiness economics, which seeks to find a much stronger relationship between the two.

How does welfare relate to productivity?

Daniel Tan takes up the case against reducing welfare, arguing that the Treasurer’s efforts to repair the Budget will not deliver us a productive, growing and sustainable Australia.

Are your parents about to rip you off?

Today I want to talk about superannuation.

No! No! Don’t stop reading.

Seriously, this is important.

Yes, I know that many readers of this site are below thirty, so that an article on superannuation has about as much appeal as a discussing aged accommodation and colonoscopies.

But it is not your superannuation I want to talk about. It is your parents’.

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Consequences of the university funding cuts

In April, then-Minister for Tertiary Education Craig Emerson announced the federal government would be looking to make $2.3 billion in budget savings from the higher education sector in order to help fund and implement the ‘Better Schools Plan’, better known simply as the Gonski reforms. The core principle behind the Gonski reforms is that every Australian child should have access to the best possible education, regardless of location, income, or the type of school their parents have chosen for them.

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